UAG – Protecting your iPhone

Don’t you just hate it when your iPhone slips through your hand?  It can lead to a costly repair or replacement and we all hate to be without our phones for more than a minute.

To put it into perspective, an out-of-warranty screen replacement for an iPhone SE, 6s, and 7 is £136.44, and £156.44 for plus models. Of course, dropping your phone or damaging it accidentally can cause additional internal damage and render your data useless.

Alternatively, you could give your phone military grade protection. The engineers at Urban Armor Gear (UAG) have created a series of iPhone and iPad cases to avoid these disasters, and even in somewhat extreme circumstances.

Depending on the case you choose, you can get increasing levels of protection and utility. You might, for example want additional protection for your screen and thus want the 360-degree protection offered by the Metropolis model, which also features impact resistance, FrogSkin grip to stop it slipping out of your hands, and card storage whilst remaining feather-light.

Perhaps instead you’re looking for more drop protection for your phone in general and you prefer the aesthetics of the Plasma range with three layers of protection: an armour shell layered over shock cushions and impact resistant rubber.

And at the highest level, the Monarch, with two times the military standard with five layers: an armour frame, top grain leather, a polycarbonate shear plate, alloy metal hardware and impact resistant rubber. Ten-year warranty.

Starting from £29 for iPhones and £44.99 for iPads, can you afford not to protect your devices?

Come and see us in store for more details.