Bose Buyer’s Guide: Soundlink or Soundtouch

When it comes to home speakers the Bose range is one of the very best available. Here at Farpoint our showroom plays host to the full range of Bose home speaker systems and there truly is something for everyone. Sometimes, however, it can be a challenge to know which speaker is right for you or even what the different types of speaker do. Be confused no longer though, here is our guide to both the Soundlink and Soundtouch series.


We begin with the Soundlink series. Essentially, the Soundlink speakers are designed for portability. They each contain built in batteries and have Bluetooth capability.

IMG_5363Soundlink Colour

The Soundlink Colour speakers are Bose’s cheapest speaker. At just £99.95 and available in five different colours, these are perfect for young people who want a speaker with great sound, portability and a cool design.

Battery life: 8 hours



IMG_5362Soundlink Mini II

If you want superior sound quality in a small, portable speaker the Soundlink Mini II is for you. With a price tag of £169.95 these small speakers back a surprising punch with deep, clear sound.

Battery life: 10 hours



IMG_5361Soundlink III

At the top of the Soundlink series, the Soundlink III speakers are the perfect blend of portability and incredible sound quality. In addition to this, Soundlink speakers can play any music or source that you are able to get on your phone or other device. At £249.95, you can enjoy the best portable speaker experience Bose have to offer.

Battery life: 14 hours



The Soundtouch series offers both wifi and Bluetooth connectivity with a higher sound quality than the Soundlink series (although Soundtouch does not operate on batteries.)


Soundtouch 10

The entry level Soundtouch speaker is great for personal use. Priced at £169.95, it offers crisp clear sound in a compact design.




IMG_5369Soundtouch 20

The Soundtouch 20 packs more of a punch than any of the aforementioned speakers. At £279.95, it’s high volume and sound quality makes it ideal for use in the living room.




IMG_5367Soundtouch 30

The ultimate Soundtouch speaker, its incredible quality and massive sound will fill any room in your home. Available at £429.95





So come in store for a demo of any of our speakers. We’d be more than happy to demonstrate the amazing sound of both the Soundlink and Soundtouch series speakers.