iOS 10 – What to know before you install

As the clock struck six yesterday Apple sent us all a shiny new update for our iDevices: iOS 10. For most people the improvements to Messages, Siri and Safari will have them updating at the first opportunity, but some tend to be nervous when running an update. For those of you who are, here is a handy guide to some of the key differences on iOS 10.

Home Screen

After updating your iPhone the first thing you’ll come to is what looks like the familiar home screen. The most noticeable change is the lack of a slider bar to unlock your iPhone. In order to unlock your iPhone you must now press the home button. Sliding to the right will take you to a new widgets page that shows you your calendar events, local weather, news stories and more. Sliding to the left now takes you to your camera. You can choose to unlock your phone by tapping your home button instead of pressing by going to the Settings app, selecting General, then Accessibility, choosing Home Button, and finally tapping on the “Rest Finger to Open” button.


One of the biggest new features offered in iOS 10 is the new and improved Messages app. Now you can add dynamic content to your messages, for instance sending “Congratulations” releases virtual streamers onto the iPhone screen of the recipient. Additionally, you can send your own handwritten messages to them and watch your words animate onto the screen, as if drawn.

music screenshot


The Music app on iOS 10 has perhaps seen the biggest redesign of all. Instead of the app listing the artists you can now choose whether to view your playlists, artists, albums or songs all in one tap. The recently added section remains, this time showing the album art of the tracks you have recently purchased. The Music app in iOS 10 also features album art as its primary method of displaying your music, replacing lists of artist and song names.

There are numerous other updates to the software and listing them on would result in a very long guide indeed. But here at Farpoint we can confirm that you should feel at ease updating to iOS 10 and enjoying its new features.