November 2015 Newsletter – Updated Apple TVs, Continuing Bose discounts and the new iPad Pro!

Continuing Bose discounts.

This is the last month now in which we will be running our 10% discount on Bose offer (ending on 30th November 2015). It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up some home audio equipment, either as a gift for that special someone or as, perhaps, to add a bit of spice to your festive gatherings.

This discount is applicable on all Bose branded items and there’s no limit to how big or small the purchase, whether it’s a pair of headphones for yourself or a considerable saving on a home cinema system!

The New  TV.

The new Apple TV is set apart from the previous generations as this is the first iteration that has it’s own, custom built OS (aptly named tvOS). The inclusion of this operating system means that users have even more flexibility in customising the content to their interests. With the older models Apple curated the content, although you could hide the channels that were of no interest to yourself, you got very little say in what you wanted the device to do.

With tvOS, when you receive the new Apple TV there’s very little on the dashboard. You get access to the obvious sections such as iTunes for accessing Music, TV shows and Movies and the usual ‘Settings’ app. The new addition that sets this apart however is the inclusion of an ‘App Store’ – from this section you can add additional channels such as Youtube, Vimeo or the soon to be released BBC iPlayer app or even install the latest version of ‘Crossy Road’ to see if you can best your friend’s high score!

Also included is a new remote that has a touch sensitive surface to make browsing a bit more of a joy. The remote is responsive and the battery charges via a supplied lightning cable and lasts months on a single charge. The remote has a microphone that enables the use of Siri, this is used to find films, fast forward and rewind, adjust subtitles, etc. The searching power of Siri means that if you’re looking for a specific film all you have to say is “Find me Disney films with Tom Hanks” and sure enough it will narrow the results down to just the Toy Story trilogy! This is also invaluable for finding a new film amongst your favourite actor’s back catalogue!

Available in store now.

The iPad Pro.

Perfection for the power users amongst us!

The iPad has always been a great compliment for those who want something smaller or svelter than their laptop or desktop computer on which to work. They’re great for everything from the morning commute to catching up on e-mails just before bed. The only area that the iPad has not always been as flexible with is processing heavy workloads. This is all set to change as this month Apple are releasing the iPad Pro.

This 12.9 inch tablet is set to revolutionise how these devices are seen in the workplace. No longer will it be a one or the other, computer or tablet. This should blur the lines between what you can achieve on these portable devices. Firstly, the iPad pro has a larger screen on which to multitask, you can chop and change between programs without having to leave one and go to the other – you can finally reference a book and compose an essay on the same screen!

The Future of Television – More content than ever before.The iPad Pro is slim in all but the hardware. The CPU, the A9X, is a 64-bit desktop-class architecture chip that is both energy efficient and a powerhouse – capable of everything from working on three 4K videos simultaneously to RAW editing from the latest cameras.

Accessory-wise the iPad Pro has a new version of the smart cover that has a keyboard built in for productivity. Many people want an option to create a smaller laptop styled device from an iPad an a keyboard case and this is the first time that Apple have created a first party solution. This should enable you to write a long article without the need to use the onscreen keyboard which for the more productive amongst us will no doubt be a godsend. Another extra is the Apple Pencil, which is shaping up to be one of the best stylus options for artists on the move. The pencil changes the stroke that it applies based on pressure, tilt and angle and can bestow sketchy, bold or shaded lines upon your virtual sketchbook!

Available to preorder now.

This Month’s Hot Picks.

Ex-Demo SoundTouch models.

These speakers are now available at a sizeable discount. The Series II units have an almost identical sound quality to the current range and Airplay compatibility!
Contact us for details.

App of the Month – Zombies, Run!

If you’re the sort of person who feels the need for a bit more motivation for your daily run then what about being chased by a horde of ravenous zombies – or the sound of it at least!

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